About Us

Moh Interiors and Decorations is a company that is committed to aesthetic interiors. Ours is a concern that takes on comprehensive interior works for residences and office spaces. We undertake entire interior works, including false ceilings, paint jobs, electrical and wiring works, flooring and tiles, and woodworks

The Vision

When we started taking up furnishing projects, we soon realized that most clients suffer from lack of co-ordination between their carpenter, electrician, painter, mason, plumber and interior designer.With our unique experience in both designing and construction activities, we found ourselves eminently suited to fill the niche

The Present

Moh Interior are based out of Hyderabad, and just like the city, are evolving rapidly. We already have numerous projects in and around Hyderabad under our belt. A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, and so here are a few samples from the various projects that we have undertaken and completed.



  • Space-utilization
  • Color-scheming
  • Furnishings

We understand the importance of space-management in urban living. Our specialization is to ensure maximum utility for available space, appreciating the importance of clearing up floor-space by crafty wall-ensembles custom-made for various living-spaces, and keeping clients’ requirements and preferences in mind.

A balanced color scheme is imperative in bringing out the interiors and woodworks of a working- or living-area. We pride ourselves in possessing an exquisite eye for details regarding color layout, including those for furniture, curtains and furnishings.

We are known for our innovative and exclusive furnishings. Made from materials ranging from the choicest brocades to recycled fabrics, our furnishings complement our interior designs. Furnishings not only reflect the designer’s expertise and the clients’ preferences, they also set the mood for each individual room, living space and work station.